Substantial Donation Given to Cascade Medical Foundation’s Mobile Clinic Campaign

Cascade Medical Foundation (CMF) recently received a wonderful boost for its campaign to raise funds for a mobile clinic to serve the Upper Wenatchee Valley. A generous donation of $25,000 from the Williams Friendship Fund, a legacy fund developed at the bequest of Walter and Marie Williams, will go a long way toward helping CMF reach its goal of $250,000. CMF and Cascade Medical have been conducting a community campaign and are also seeking private and federal grants to cover the mobile clinic startup costs.
The contribution reflects the Williams’ values. During their lives, the Williams were deeply touched by connections they made with people from other cultures, most specifically World War II Japanese POWs and their families and Vietnamese refugee families who immigrated to Seattle after the Vietnam War.
The purpose of the Williams Friendship Fund, managed by the Seattle Foundation, is “to promote understanding and friendships that cross national boundaries and barriers of foreign languages.”
A mobile clinic run by Cascade Medical embodies the spirit of that mission. 
There are people in the hospital district facing barriers to healthcare related to cost, transportation, scheduling and language. The latter is a chief obstacle for Latinx residents. 
The mobile clinic is one way Cascade Medical can address these gaps in healthcare equity. Fully bilingual staff running the clinic will ensure improved access and understanding for Spanish speaking patients. 
Donating to support the mobile clinic is for the greater good. By bringing a large range of healthcare services to residents right where they live and work, the health of our community will improve.
Good health is fundamental to strong communities. If you would also like to donate toward CMF’s mobile clinic campaign, please go to the website, and push the donate button.
CMF wants to thank the Williams Friendship Fund and also other dedicated supporters to this cause, including Icicle Creek Center for the Arts and musicians Beth Whitney, Eric Link and Eden Moody for partnering with us for a fundraising virtual concert. Another thank you to The Squirrel Tree Restaurant for hosting a hugely successful all-day Benevolent Event and to the many individual donors who have given toward this mobile clinic campaign.

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