Calvin “Cal Boy”

Cal Boy is the middle dog sitting next to Rich for his daily ride around the orchard

The Miller family are heartbroken and deeply sadden by the passing of our precious Calvin as he crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” on Thursday, January 28 surrounded by his loving family.

Just two weeks ago he was diagnosed with Lymphoma a type of cancer found all to often in Golden Retrievers. 

We were most blessed 5 years ago to be adopted by him after his brief stint at the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society. He was residing there due to the death of his owner. From day one he has treated us like we had always been his family. Since then he was a constant source of comfort, companionship and joy. If you have had the pleasure to meet this big golden smiling “fluffball” you were in love. 

His very first day at the orchard he claimed the John Deere Gator as his own. Riding in the Gator became his most favorite thing to do besides riding in the back seat of a pickup truck.

Calvin was a highly intelligent distinguished farm dog, but quite stubborn. He loved being involved in orchard work but when we opened our fruit stand for the season he found his true calling in life. 

He became a “greeter” every one that stopped was greeted by Calvin, many bringing him treats and extra “love”. Calvin took his job very seriously and with his gentle soul full eyes and big smile he welcomed everyone. He always saw the good in everyone. Calvin welcomed tens of thousands of people over the years and he received probably as many pats and hugs. If he was having his afternoon siesta under a tree behind the stand many people would inquire about him. Hundreds have had their photo taken with him and his Golden brothers. He and his brothers were on King 5 TV twice.

He enjoyed being with family and friends, when he was not stealing their heart, he was stealing their food. He also loved to nap play with his cats, but most of all was being with Rich offering him love and affection.

Calvin is physically gone from his family, but he is everywhere. He is laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. He is laying next to Rich and his recliner and when the snow goes away, he will be in his seat in the Gator. We will carry him in our hearts and mind forever.

We would like to thank Dr. Hambleton and his amazing staff at the Bavarian Vet for all the love and care he gave Calvin.

Calvin leaves behind for now his cherished family his big daddy dog Rich, Teri and Rachel Miller

Charlie and Bode also Golden Retrievers, Sunny a Cairn Terrier, Lucy a Mini Aussie, and his two cats Margarita and Oreo. We would also like to thank Calvin’s special friend Chandler West for all the kindness shown to Calvin which he returned with love. Calvin was loved by our orchard family workers.

News of Calvin’s passing has saddened many who have reached out to us and we thank them for the kindness shown.

To honor Calvin’s memory, we hope by reading this story that it will encourage people to adopt Senior Dogs that are often overlooked at shelters, and rescue organizations. Our story is not unique. All dogs are important but there is something very special about an older dog.

Please consider an older dog at the WVHS, Okan Dogs or look on line for Senior Dogs Rescue groups.

Rest in Peace “Cal Boy “ will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love you Forever!


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