Charles David “Charlie” Lundin

June 26, 1972 - August 29, 2021
The next time you are sorting firewood, stop and remember Charles (Charlie) Lundin who passed away at the age of 49 from injuries related to a severe stroke in Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA on Sunday August 29. We were blessed to learn so many valuable lessons from Charlie, one of which was to always sort your firewood according to what burns the hottest, what smells the best, and what will taste the best when used to cook. 
Also: always check the path behind you when you are hiking, so that it looks familiar when you are on your way out.
Keep way more food on hand than you can ever eat. Hide it in unpredictable places (in the closet, under the bed, under the bench in your garage. Don’t tell anyone about it. Hand it out generously when someone you know is in need. 
Don’t let things like being told you will never walk again stop you. On your way to learning how to walk again, start building your own cabin. Slow progress is still progress.
Turn down an invitation from Oprah to speak about your time trapped under a house for 30 hours and the subsequent recovery because you don’t like to travel.
Still be willing to travel to Africa with your wife, simply because she wants you there.
When you have been thinking about someone all day, give them a call or send a text. They might need you. Don’t bother about grammar or spelling, they can sound it out.
Wake your children with weird random duck calls. Hand them money on the sly and then complain loudly that “These kids are taking all my money!”
Give up the habits that hold you back. Choose being a father over alcohol. Keep making that choice every day for 21 years.
Move into a new neighborhood. Meet your neighbors. Introduce your neighbors who have been living there for years, to each other, for the first time.
Know that not every silence has to be filled.
Know that the best way to manage chronic pain, is by focusing on others. There is incredible strength and selflessness in being kind to people when you are hurting. 
Above all, talk to the Big Guy daily. Feel sorry for those who don’t know him yet because life is so much better with God. Share the word of God through actions and leave the preaching to others.
Charlie is survived by his parents Dave Lundin and Judith Robertson. His wife, Rachael Lundin. His daughter Kaylee Thompson and son-in-law Drew Thompson. His daughter Nicole Warren. His daughter Codiann Lundin. His brother John Clark and sister-in-law Kim Clark. His brother Ashley Clark and sister-in-law Rebecca Clark. His sister-in-law Rebecca Sweeney. His brother-in-law, Doug Sweeney. Granddaughter Eleanor Thompson. Nephews Ben Clark and Kai Sweeney and Niece Mia Sweeney. Charlie was preceded in death by his Nephew Mark Clark.
Please join us for his celebration of life on Saturday, September 11th at 11 am at Calvary Chapel Crossroads, 4402 Dixie Lane, Malaga, WA. We will be outside. Bring your camp chair and come prepared to share your own stories of Charlie. Chili and cornbread to follow. Bring your favorite side dish to share.
In deference to our friends and caretakers of friends at higher risk for Covid, please respect social distancing and honor each other’s choice to wear masks.
Flowers can be sent to Heritage Memorial Chapel at 19 Rock Island Rd., East Wenatchee, WA 98802

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