Governor appoints Sheriff Brian Burnett to a Board of Commissioners

Sheriff Brian Burnett was recently appointed by Governor Jay Inslee to the Board of Commissioners of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC).  The CJTC Board of Commissioners develops and implements training standards and programs designed to upgrade criminal justice personnel and establishes standards relating to physical, mental, and moral fitness for recruiting criminal Justice personnel.
The Board includes two incumbent sheriffs; two incumbent police chiefs; two officers at or below the level of first line supervisor, one from a county and one from a municipal law enforcement agency with at least 10 years’ experience; one county and one state correctional system employee; one incumbent county prosecutor or municipal attorney; one local government elected official, and one member of the general public. The Board of Commissioners also include four ex-officio members, Washington State Patrol Chief, FBI, Washington State Attorney General, and an Employee of the State Correctional System.
This appointment, bestowed by the Governor, is an honor for Sheriff Burnett, and he hopes it will equally benefit the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission and the Citizens of Chelan County for the next six (6) years, which is the full term of the appointment. The CJTC Board of Commissioners meets quarterly throughout the year and is governed by Title 139 of the Washington Administrative Code.
Sheriff Burnett recognizes the importance of balancing local issues with those that require our local officials to work outside their home area with peers from around the state for the betterment of public safety within their communities.

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