Cascade High School art students showcase talent

A few of the Cascade High School advanced artists who have artwork featured in the Leavenworth Library Show through February 1. left back: Bethann Gifford, Rose Robinson, Mia Lopez, Natalie Craig, Kendra Emry. Left front: Carina Hernandez-Delgado, Catie Bailey, Kohl Turner (photo contributed by Teara Dillon)

An example of some of the 2-D art displayed at the Leavenworth library. (Photo by Kalie Drago)

An example of some of the 3-D art displayed at the Leavenworth library. (Photo by Kalie Drago)

    Some of Cascade High School's artists had the opportunity to display their art to a crowd bigger than Mom placing the watercolor painting on the fridge - the community was invited to the Leavenworth library on Thursday, January 24 to the group's art reception from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    "The Cascade High artists are excited to have our community members see their artwork on public walls where people they don’t know get to appreciate it," said Teara Dillon, visual arts instructor.
    14 students were involved in the art reception, each offering a unique element of artwork. The students featured were selected due to either being advanced artists or currently striving to complete their Advanced Placement studio art portfolio. The artists have all finished the entry level art course and are working to develop visual communication scale at a much higher ability, according to Dillon.
    "The students chose one to three pieces they felt were their best to share with our community," said Dillon. "
    Some students opted for acrylic paintings, some chose to use glass etching and some channeled their creativity with a modern abstract approach - but regardless of the artistic liberties the individual student decided to take, there was no question talent was involved.
    "The art styles and media include abstract paintings, realisms portraits, impressionism, glass etching, and digital art. We have mostly two-dimensional artists this semester," said Dillon. "Students were encouraged to try new styles as well as continue to develop the areas they feel most comfortable in."
    Some pieces varied from being able to be touch whereas others were solely eye catching. The variety of art displayed really illuminated the far reaching spectrum that the students fall into. Different strokes for different folks, and this art gallery highlighted each student's unique talent.     "Any of these students would excel in any job where innovative thinking and visual communication is important. Art really allows us to problem solve and figure out different ways to express our thoughts. These skills are so important in any profession. There is a growing number of jobs in visual communication which is exciting for our budding artists," said Dillon.
    The students variety of art will stay displayed until February 1 for members of the community that would like to trickle in and observe what the Kodiak art students have put together.
    "It is scary to put your artwork out there. These students have worked hard to create pieces that mean something to them or express a style that was a challenge to achieve. They do love it when their friends, families, co-workers, and teachers come support their showcase," said Dillon.

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