Friday, May 24, 2024

A Hopeful Whistle Stop


Some days are harder than others. On the tough days, I’ve just learned

that another citizen has given up trying to effect change, that they’ve

relinquished the notion of trusting our city’s representative government

when it comes to neighborhood and land development. They might be

saddened by the loss of duck filled meadows along Pine Street. They

might be gritting their teeth every time they glance up Tumwater Canyon

toward the reflective “roller coaster” that now interferes with the historic


When we launched The Whistle, I didn’t realize the extent of hopelessness

within the community. But I get it. Some days I also have a hard time

believing that my single voice can make a difference. So, this quick

Whistle Stop is for all of you who have become disillusioned,

disenfranchised, discouraged and numb. Time to dust off the sludge and

recognize that no matter what, your thoughts and voices matter. You, dear

voting citizen, are crucial to a healthy community!

On November 1st, the residents of Leavenworth will have a unique

opportunity to gather and be heard by the city staff and elected officials at

the City’s Community Engagement night. Since the city is advertising how

much they “value your feedback” and want to provide people an

opportunity to “let your voice be heard” the event seems designed to

recognize locals.

I’ve contacted the City for details on the comment process and I am

waiting to hear back. In the next Whistle column on October 26, I’ll

provide details and organize your citizen concerns in writing. In the

meantime, we have a request for you! Please contact The Whistle Team

through the comment portal at and let us know what’s most

important. The Whistle is blowing; climb aboard! There is still strength in



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