Monday, March 4, 2024

Beaver Valley Elementary gets new mural


This June, Beaver Valley Elementary students painted a new vibrant mural for their school located in Leavenworth, Plain area. The old mural was chipping off and it was time to reinvigorate it. The mural is the first thing you see as you drive by Beaver Valley Elementary, and now, it shines with a new vibrancy.

The mural theme is “Community around us” and it features local landscapes, flora and fauna, and lots of houses and kids. The mural was painted on the exterior walls of the covered play area and is about 100 feet in total length with varying heights.

Tamara Hergert, a member of the Beaver Valley Parent Group and a professional Mural Artist, helped bring this amazing project to life by organizing it. Students created the mural design digitally on Tamara’s tablet and then outlined the design on the walls and painted it with exterior wall paint.

Kids were so into it, and painted the mural with so much love and care. Beaver Valley Elementary staff, Eric Tiegel, Sharlynn Parker and Lori Sanders, along with parent-volunteers contributed to painting this amazing mural and helped the mural design and painting phases go smoothly. Cascade School District's Maintenance team helped bring this mural to life by preparing the walls for the new mural. More information on murals by Tamara Hergert can be found at To learn more about Beaver Valley Elementary visit at


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