Saturday, May 18, 2024

Biden backs tearing down Columbia, Snake River Dams contrary to Comprehensive Scientific Assessment


WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, President Biden announced March 21 that he is committed to tearing down four hydropower dams in Washington. President Biden's remarks are the first time he has publicly sided himself with advocates for breaching the Four Lower Snake River Dams—a move that would go against scientific assessments from the federal government itself.

These dams provide clean, renewable, safe, and affordable energy for homes and businesses in Central Washington and beyond. Breaching the dams would have a dramatic impact on energy production, climate goals, and transportation in Washington.

“The Four Lower Snake River Dams are integral to flood control, navigation, irrigation, agriculture, and recreation in Central Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest—to put it simply, we cannot afford to lose them,” said Rep. Newhouse. “Yet President Biden, Governor Inslee, Senator Murray, and Representative Simpson have been misleading the American people with unscientific information in order to breach these dams, putting our communities at risk. We know the critical infrastructure of the Snake River Dams provides clean, renewable, safe, and affordable energy for our homes and businesses, and the best and latest science affirms we should continue to utilize them. The Northwest Energy Security Act will ensure our dams can continue to provide the carbon-free baseload energy our communities rely on while continuing to support fish recovery efforts.” Read the full story from Fox News at


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