Thursday, July 25, 2024

Brinkman announces run for Leavenworth Mayor


Former Leavenworth City Administrator and City Councilmember Rich Brinkman is announcing his run for Leavenworth Mayor.

“I strongly believe that the City of Leavenworth needs sound leadership to bring our Miracle Town Back!” Brinkman said.  “We need a City government that supports and is responsive to our residents while restoring a strong business community.”

Brinkman is currently a professor at Wenatchee Valley College, and in addition to serving as City Administrator and the City Council in Leavenworth, he was also the Director of Administrative Services for the City of Wenatchee 2000-05.  He has coached for the Leavenworth Soccer Club and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (Mexico to Canada) in 2015.  His priorities include, among others:

•City Streets

•Prompt Response to Local Needs and Concerns

•Strong Business Community

•Cracking Down on Speeding and Unmuffled Vehicles, especially in School Zones

•Managing Thoughtful Growth


“We need to Restore Leavenworth Pride,” added Brinkman.  “People like Jim Ward and Ken Coffin would want me to do this, and while many people here today may not recognize those names, it is very important that we all remember our Leavenworth Pioneers and those who importantly followed their lead.”


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