Friday, May 24, 2024

Cascade Medical welcomes a new Physician to their care family


Dr. Lauren Kendall joins the Cascade Medical team February 1, adding to their team of
family health care practitioners.

Her physical roots originated in the Midwest, but growing up, her family life was
rooted in medicine as well. “My mom is a retired RN, and I have two aunts and a mother-in-law who also are, or were, nurses, and so it’s always been on my radar to do something in medicine,” Kendall said. Kendall said she knew from the beginning of her training that Family Medicine was more than a specialization - it was a calling: “Family Medicine…it’s just so full of heart. It has everything, the closest to what I thought medicine should be. When I actually started my practice, I knew, this was what I was looking for.” Dr. Kendall most recently practiced family medicine in the Wenatchee Valley at Columbia Valley Community Health. She completed her residency prior to that in Louisiana and earned her bachelor’s and Doctor of Medicine degrees at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the University of Illinois at Chicago, respectively.

Dr. Kendall also holds special interests in integrative medicine, women’s health,
and LGBTQIA+ health. She is a current Fellow in Integrative Health and Medicine at AIHM and plans to become board-certified in this additional field in 2024. Dr. Kendall also previously founded and led a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to improving transgender care. Kendall said, “I think this care is so important for the community and for the world, for everybody to have a place and a person they can trust to take care of their health when they need it. I’m so admiring of the LGBTQ+ community. They’re generally folks that realized something about themselves, and had the bravery and integrity to say, ‘I’m going to be who I am.’ I am so in awe of that. I’m honored to help them in any way I can.”

Kendall says she may be a Northwest transplant, but our region and way of life is
in her blood. “I love the underlying culture of outdoorsmanship and health, in
conjunction with nature. Like, when you say, ‘I’m going to go on a hike, or go
backpacking’, people just say, ‘OK, cool.” If you did that in the Chicagoland area, well, first of all, there would be nowhere to go (laughing), but they might also say, ‘You’re gonna what?’. There’s this culture of health and appreciating the outdoors, which I think is great.”

Cascade Medical CEO Diane Blake said “We knew right away Dr. Kendall would be
a great fit with our team.  She is warm and friendly and passionate about caring
for others.  She has a stellar reputation for providing high quality, fully engaged
care.  I am really excited for our community to get to know her and vice versa!.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kendall, call Cascade
Medical at (509) 548-5815.



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