Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Changes coming to Confluence Health facility names


Wenatchee - Beginning July 1, Confluence Health transitioned its naming conventions for its hospitals and some other locations to increase clarity and allow for smoother services for patients.

Ten years after Wenatchee Valley Medical Center (now known as Wenatchee Valley Medical Group) and Central Washington Hospital affiliated under the name of Confluence Health in 2013, the organization will now transition to a single entity: Confluence Health. This change will result in some of the facilities having new names.

“After being first announced last summer, there has been a lot of work getting everything ready for this important transition,” remarked Tom Legel, chief financial officer for Confluence Health. “Bringing everything together has been complex with lots of challenges. We are excited for this transition and thankful to every staff member and provider for helping to make Confluence Health a place that means trust, respect, compassion, and teamwork to the community we serve.”

With this transition, Central Washington Hospital and Wenatchee Valley Hospital will become one hospital, Confluence Health Hospital, with two locations. The former Central Washington Hospital will be the Central Campus of Confluence Health Hospital and the former Wenatchee Valley Hospital will be the Mares Campus.

In addition, to better reflect the services they provide, the Omak and Moses Lake clinics will now be known as Confluence Health Omak Campus and Confluence Health Moses Lake Campus, respectively. Other clinics – such as Confluence Health Cashmere Clinic, will not change their names.

“It’s important for everyone to know that, while the names of our facilities are changing, we are still fully committed to providing excellent care for our community. Our commitment to care isn’t changing,” remarked Dr. Andrew Jones, CEO for Confluence Health. “This transition should instead help provide clearer and more consistent naming conventions, along with making some processes even smoother for our patients, staff, and providers, and that’s something worth celebrating.”

About Confluence Health: Confluence Health serves the largest geographic region of any healthcare system in Washington State, covering over

12,000 square miles of Okanogan, Grant, Douglas, and Chelan counties. Confluence is one of only two locally-lead healthcare systems in the state with the purpose of maintaining availability and access to high-quality, cost-effective

healthcare services for North Central Washington. The Confluence Health Board of Directors provides governance for Confluence Health, the Clinic, Central Washington Hospital, and Wenatchee Valley Hospital, and includes nine community board members and six physician board members


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