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Chelan County offers additional Recycling Options- Including Glass and Styrofoam


Recycling is a real struggle that many do not want to bother with. And yes, it sure does take an effort. Then again, many things in our life, actually in our world, are out of our control. Nonetheless, recycling and taking care of our planet is not. At least not on an individual level. We have a choice to participate in a healthier and cleaner environment – one step at a time. These days Chelan County residents have more chances to recycle products, and most of us are not even aware of them.

Number 6 polystyrene, also referred to as Styrofoam can be dropped off for recycling at TekniPlex in Wenatchee. Kevin Litterell, Plant Manager at TekniPlex Consumer Products of Wenatchee says,  “Please let readers know that while we appreciate it being relatively clean, a little bit of food waste remaining is no longer a reason to not recycle their food containers”. Litterell states that the process that Cyclyx uses allows for some organic matter in the feedstock, and the process filters that out when it is reduced to the original styrene monomer. Their company recycling container for Styrofoam is located at 1000 S. Columbia St., the SW corner of Columbia and Ferry. 

Glass Recycling:

In partnership with Waste Loop, a local nonprofit, our local smaller recycling center located at 216 14th Street, now accepts glass (which is no longer accepted in Waste Management’s single stream recycling). Their hours of operation are Wednesday 4:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Glass must be clean and free from corks and caps.

Waste Management cannot make it any easier than they do already. Their website,, is the Number One resource for their residential customers. Our recycling services provide the newest and up to date lists, showing us what can be recycled. Your best bet is to use the drop-down menu to find the community we live in which shows our local recycling lists.

Waste Management’s recycling goes from our homes to their regional recycling facility in Spokane. No small operation! It is pretty much a true state-of-the-art facility with magnetic belts which pull out cans, obstacle sorters which are referred to as computers with eyes. That one uses a reverse plastic current to push out the aluminum since it is not magnetic. Spinning discs separate paper and cardboard.

As an example, did you know that even our large blue curb side recycling bins supplied by Waste Management are made from recycled materials?

Household battery recycling can be done at Target Stores, by dropping them off at the information counter.

Safeway Store have bins near their entrances that accept clean grocery plastic bags and wrapping which are used to wrap food into, such as the type used for cases of plastic bottles. A list of accepted items are pictures on the containers themselves.

Other specialized recycling options in our county:

General household lights bulbs, such as compact fluorescent and small bulbs, are accepted at Lowes, Home Depot, and Stan’s Merry Mart, call to find out how many they will accept at one time.

Goodwill Industries takes small appliances, such as toasters, coffee makers, hair dryers and curling irons. They also accept computer towers, monitors, TVs, and VCRs. They are not set up to recycle printers and scanners or large appliances such as washers and dryers.

Luis Ramirez of Pacific Power Batteries in Wenatchee was a lot of help when researching battery recycling. Ramirez said  they take most batteries other than lithium. Examples are alkaline, nickel metal and power tool batteries. This company is also part of an E-Waste Program. Recycle paint at Lowes, Home Depot and Sherwin Williams, and Walmart.

Also go online to for more information on all the places you can recycle. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our communities clean.



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