Friday, May 24, 2024



CITY OF LEAVENWORTH NOTICE OF CHANGE OF MEETING TIME AND PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Leavenworth City Planning Commission has changed the March meeting date to March 13, 2024. This meeting will include three public hearings on amendments to City of Leavenworth Code. 1. Cottage Housing Options: Amendments to City of Leavenworth Code Chapter 21.90 Definitions; Chapter 18.36 Supplementary Regulations; Chapter 18.25 District Uses; and Chapter 18.30 Dimensional Standards. All amendments related to proposed cottage housing development options. 2. Code Consistency: Amendments to City of Leavenworth Code Chapter 21.90 Definitions; Chapter 21.03 Administration; Chapter 17.14 General Subdivision Development Standards; Chapter 17.04 Boundary Line Adjustments; Chapter 15.04 Building Codes; Chapter 14.28 Lighting Standards; Chapter 14.12 Off-Street Loading and Parking; Chapter 18.36 Supplementary Regulations; Chapter 18.30 Dimensional Standards; Chapter 18.52 Conditional Uses; and, Chapter 14.08 Old World Bavarian Architectural Theme. Additionally, amendments include creation of new Leavenworth Municipal Code Chapter 12.18 Streets, Sidewalks & Public Property Construction, Repair & Maintenance; Chapter 12.50 Traffic Impact Analysis; and, Chapter 14.50 Fees, Bonds, Development Agreements and Cost Sharing. Amendments are intended to address consistency in processing permits, correct code conflicts, support clarity of regulations or provide minor amendments to regulations. 3. Flood Regulation: Amendments to City of Leavenworth Code Chapter 21.90 Definitions and Chapter 14.24 Flood Damage Prevention Standards and Chapter 15.04 Building Codes. All amendments related to flood regulations. These public hearings will be held March 13, 2024 at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers, 700 Highway 2, Leavenworth, Washington and via ZOOM Webinar, see City Calendar The City of Leavenworth has determined that these amendments are procedural exempt from SEPA determination, per WAC 197-11-800(19). Interested citizens are encouraged to comment and/or attend the public hearing. Questions may be directed to Community Development within City Hall, phone 509-548-5275 or email Published in the Leavenworth Echo/Cashmere Valley Record on February 28, 2024. #7314


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