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Eastside Cycleworks hosts inaugural bike swap


LEAVENWORTH – Eastside Cycleworks will be hosting its first ever Bike Swap on Mar. 30. The community event will serve as a platform for local riders to easily sell their bikes without hassle, and for those in the market for an affordable bike. Colchuck Consignment will also have a pop-up store at the event.

“I just kind of like the community aspect of it, keeping the bikes local. It's a pretty cool way especially for riders who have either kids or new riders looking to get on a bike cheap. Usually the prices are far superior to what you'd find online or at a store,” said owner Pat Donahue.

Potential sellers can drop off their bikes at Eastside Cycleworks between Mar. 23 and Mar. 29. The shop will be accepting all kinds of bikes, including kids, electric, cruiser, road and mountain bikes. Bikes must be in safe, riding condition, such as having functioning brakes or tires that hold air. Sellers can choose between receiving 100 percent store credit, or 85 percent of the sale value.

Sellers will be able to set their price upon drop-off, but the shop will be encouraging reasonable pricing. While the swap will help riders sell their used bikes hassle free and locally, Donahue hopes the affordable bikes will lower the barrier of entry for potential riders.

“We hear all the time about people who want to ride but can't stomach the $2500 bike to start out on, and if you can score a decent $800 mountain bike, that'll get you going to find out if you like the sport. That's super helpful,” said Donahue.

Donahue hopes to have at least 50 to 75 bikes for the swap, but won’t have a confirmed number until the day before. He expects to have at least a few full-suspension mountain bikes selling for several hundred dollars, and has confirmed a few Santa Cruz bikes, as well as Specialized stump jumpers for the event.

New items, such as tires, clothing, knee pads, and helmets, will be 10 percent off inside the store. Because the preowned bikes will be sold as is, the discount will also apply to any needed parts for repair. Donahue says the shop will be happy to help fix any bikes bought at the swap. For those interested in buying new, a surprise sale on inventory bikes is also to be expected on the day of the event. The swap is intended to offer something for every type of rider.

“I'm just really excited to see what happens. I'd love to have like a gaggle of people there and shake their hands and meet new people, especially because I think we've met a lot of people our age who are in the scene, but for some older folks and younger folks who may not be hardcore cyclists, it's cool to get the opportunity to to work with them too,” said Donahue.

The bike swap will begin at 9 a.m. in the parking lot behind Eastside Cycleworks, which is located at 215 14th Street in Leavenworth. Sellers must drop off their bike prior to the day of the event. Questions about the swap can be directed to

Taylor Caldwell: 509-433-7276 or


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