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Have your say: Join the conversation in your community newspaper!


Your voice matters, and our community newspaper is a platform for you to express your opinions, share your insights, and engage in meaningful discussions about the issues that affect us all. Whether it's a burning local concern, a heartwarming story, or an in-depth analysis of community life, we want to hear from you! That's why we're encouraging all our readers to take advantage of our "Letters to the Editor" and "Point of View" columns.

Letters to the Editor: Your Short and Sweet Takes

Do you have a strong opinion about a recent local event? Has an act of kindness inspired you or felt the need to address a topic of importance? Our "Letters to the Editor" section is the perfect space for you. We invite you to craft concise letters of 250 words or fewer that tackle subjects of local interest. Your perspective could shed light on an angle that others might not have considered. To ensure transparency and credibility, please include your name, home address, and daytime phone number along with your letter. These details are for verification purposes. Only your name and city will be published.

Point of View: Delve Deeper into Community Issues

Is there a community issue that you're passionate about? Do you have a unique viewpoint that could enrich the discussions within our community? Our "Point of View" guest opinion columns are designed for just that. Share your insights in columns of no more than 700 words, diving into the heart of local matters that deserve attention. Just like with the letters, make sure to provide your name, address, and phone number for verification when submitting your guest opinion piece.

Submission Guidelines

Include Author Details: All submissions must be accompanied by the author's name, city, home address, and daytime phone number. We value your privacy; only your name and city will be published. All other details are solely for verification purposes.

No Anonymous Submissions: We firmly believe in open and accountable discourse. Hence, anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

Thank You Letters: We welcome expressions of gratitude from nonprofit organizations and events. However, we will not publish lists of businesses or individual names.

Respectful Dialogue: Let's keep the conversation respectful and constructive. We will not publish letters or columns that impugn the personal character of private individuals or groups of people.

Editorial Rights: Kindly note that all letters and guest columns published become the property of Ward Media. We reserve the right to reject, condense, or edit submissions for clarity or when facts presented cannot be verified.

Subject Focus: "Letters to the Editor" should revolve around subjects of local interest, while "Point of View" columns should delve into local community issues.

Avoid Commercial Appeals: Mass mailings, commercial appeals, and letters advocating boycotts are unsuitable for publication.

Send Your Submissions: Ready to share your thoughts? Email your letters and guest columns to

We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the strength of a community engaged in meaningful dialogue. Your contributions enrich our pages, sparking conversations that shape the very fabric of our society. Thank you for being an essential part of our community newspaper.

Warm Regards,

Terry Ward

CEO & Publisher

Ward Media


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