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Horses and courses

Putting, Horses and other pleasures



For the golf lover who visits Leavenworth, there are numerous opportunities to perfect your swing. Regulation golfers can play at the Leavenworth Golf Club or Kahler Glen Golf and Ski Resort near Lake Wenatchee. They offer challenging courses nestled in amazing mountain scenery. Enzian Falls in Leavenworth offers a professional level putting course. This is not a miniature golf course, but rather a highly specialized course to help the golfing enthusiasts with their short game. Real grass, sand and water traps make this a true learning experience for putting. After a few rounds, you’ll feel like you could make a 25-footer on the 17th at Augusta. The Icicle Junction Activities Center in Leavenworth provides excellent miniature golf opportunities for families.

Horseback Riding

Leavenworth and the surrounding area provide an ample opportunity to enjoy time with our equine friends. Two campgrounds to check out while in the area are Blackpine Campground and Chiwawa Horse Camp. Always check with the ranger district before embarking on a trail ride. Call the Wenatchee River Ranger Station at 509-548-2550.

Off-Highway Vehicles and ATV Riding

The Shaser Creek road system is one of only two road systems on the Wenatchee National Forest where ATV use is authorized. This is a forest service road system, not a dual track ATV trail. The road is gated to full-size vehicles--a gate keeper on the side provides ATV access. The road accesses numerous mining claims, with valid claim holders possessing keys to the gate. While unlikely, be prepared to meet a full-size vehicle at all times. The road system carries you up and over the shoulder of Iron Mountain ending at trailheads to several mines. Scenery abounds along the road, and the riding is suitable for novice riders.


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