Saturday, April 13, 2024

Kodiaks struggle against Connell, fall short 31-64


CONNELL - The Cascade Kodiaks varsity boys basketball team faced a tough challenge against the formidable Connell team in a basketball showdown that ended in a 31-64 defeat for Cascade.

Connell took an early lead right from the tip-off with No. 12 Danny Sidamdouane's precise 2-point goal, setting a brisk pace that proved difficult for the Kodiaks to match. Despite a valiant effort by players like No. 3 Eric Rosario and No. 2 Hunter Rodgers, who managed consistent 2-point shots, Cascade found themselves trailing behind Connell in the first quarter.

As the game progressed, Connell's relentless offense, led by standout performances from Sidamdouane and No. 20 Tyler Li, built a substantial lead of 26-16 by halftime.

Despite Cascade's tenacity and attempts to rally back, Connell maintained their dominance. While players like No. 1 Ethan Davis and Rodgers displayed impressive individual efforts for the Kodiaks, they struggled to penetrate Connell's solid defense and fell short in narrowing the scoring margin.

Throughout the third and fourth quarters, Connell's cohesive teamwork and strategic plays kept Cascade on their back foot. Despite Cascade's resilience, highlighted by efforts from Davis and Rodgers, Connell's consistent scoring by players like Li, No. 13 Austin Smith, and No. 14 Maddox Martinez kept the Kodiaks at bay.

The Kodiaks fought hard but were unable to match Connell's momentum, ultimately conceding to their opponent's skillful gameplay.


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