Thursday, May 23, 2024

Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue deploys cameras to detect and monitor wildfires


Partnering with UC San Diego,, AlertWest, and Wenatchee based Localtel Communications, Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue deployed two wildfire detection cameras this week near Nason Creek and Lake Wenatchee.

The Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras are mounted in strategic locations to monitor and detect wildfires. Using AI technology to provide early detection that can give emergency responders more time to respond and take necessary actions.

The cameras are monitored 24/7 ensuring that any fire outbreak is detected promptly.

The camera network’s usefulness expands beyond wildfires. Recently live feeds on a similar camera were used to monitor the record-breaking Sierra Nevada snowpack, statewide flooding, landslide hazards and road conditions.

The detection cameras fit well in the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy by enhancing community wildfire resiliency, forest health monitoring, public outreach, as well as providing crucial early situational awareness for aggressive fire response.

The Lake Wenatchee area is designated as one of the highest fire-threatened regions in the country. These cameras will significantly enable firefighters and first responders to maintain an enhanced level of situational awareness for years to come.

Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue hopes to install several more cameras over the next few years and hopes that other agencies across Washington State see the value and install their own cameras to the AlertWashington system.

The cameras can be viewed by the public at

Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue is an all-hazards rural fire protection district in Central Washington State serving 3500 residents and a robust recreational and tourism industry. LWFR is responsible for wildfire response to over 100 square miles around the greater Lake Wenatchee and Plain Communities.

ALERTWest/ALERTWashington is a Public Safety Organization involving University, State, Federal, & Private entities all focused on working to reduce wildfire risks by rapidly expanding our all-hazard detection cameras across the Western U.S. Their mission is to use a model of collaborative coverage to keep people and the environment safe by developing technology to stay ahead of wildfires. Installation of the cameras was funded by our local Auxiliary members.


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