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Latest Election Results Confirm Winners



LEAVENWORTH – Almost all the votes are in for the Nov. 7 election. With only 111 ballots left to count, nearly all of Leavenworth’s races have been decided.

Mayor Carl J. Florea will keep his seat for another term. Florea received 613 of the 1,043 votes, earning 58.77 of the vote, as of Monday night. Opponent Rich Brinkman trailed behind with 429 votes, or 41.13 percent of the vote.

Enough votes have been counted to decide Leavenworth’s next City Council Members. Travis McMaster will step into Council position one with 567 out of 975 votes, or 58.15 percent of the vote, pushing out Marco Aurilio, who earned 408 votes. Both running unopposed, Zeke Reister will remain in position two and Anne Hessburg in position three. Rhona Baron will take over the fourth seat from incumbent Tibor Lak, earning 610 votes out of 986 votes, or 61.87 percent. Shane Thayer ranked the highest in favorability of all the City Council candidates, excluding those running unopposed, earning 66.03 percent of the vote for position seven. With 659 votes out of 998, Thayer beat out Polly McIntyre, who earned 338 votes.

For Hospital District No. 1, Bruce Williams won the slot for Commissioner #2 with 1,994 out of 3,360 votes, or 59.35 percent of the vote. Cindy Puckett trailed behind with 1,358 votes, or 40.42 percent. For Commissioner #4, Gustavo A. Montoya performed almost exactly like Williams, earning 1,992 out of 3,366 votes, or 59.18 percent of the vote. Duane Goehner followed Montoya with 1,370 votes, or 40.7 percent of the vote. Jessica Kendall ran unopposed for Commissioner #1, receiving 98.14 percent of the ballots cast. There were 43 write-in votes.

Judy Derpack ran unopposed for Cascade School District No. 228 School Board Member Director District #2. Derpack received 97.53 percent of the vote. There were 56 write-ins. Cynthia Garza also ran unopposed for District #4, receiving 98.4 percent of the votes, with 37 write-ins making up the rest.

Ross Frank ran unopposed for Fire District No. 3 Commissioner #1, receiving 98.05 percent of the votes. There were 27 write-ins. 

The remaining 111 ballots are expected to be counted at 2 p.m. on Nov. 28.


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