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Leavenworth approves dust control, sets rates for bear-resistant garbage totes


LEAVENWORTH – City Council addressed parking area dust problems, updated its garbage rate and fee schedule to include bear-resistant totes rates and more at its bi-monthly meeting on May 14.

To manage dust problems at Waterfront Park and East Leavenworth Road Boat Launch, City Council accepted an on-call dust control services contract with Lyman Dust Control to apply lignin sulfonate to the gravel parking areas. The dust suppression agent is a non-toxic water-based polymer, which, according to Public Works Director Tom Wachholder, is considered safe for the river.

In past years, the city has received complaints of dust from gravel parking areas at both locations during high-use times.

“We've had these complaints prior to my arrival in 2007, but it's definitely gotten exponentially worse with the growth of the visitor population,” said Finance Director Chantell Steiner.

The contract assumes the utilization of three applications totaling just over $53,000. However, Wachholder is “cautiously optimistic” that the areas will only need two applications. 

City Council also adopted changes to the city’s garbage rate and fee schedule, including adding a rate for a 96-gallon, bear-resistant tote. The totes, also called Kodiak Cans, will have rates similar to existing 96-gallon totes, with an additional $7 per container per month charge. The charge is intended to build capital for the replacement of the totes, which last about five to eight years.

“We basically created a fee that does not disincentivize folks to use the Kodiak Cans,” said Wachholder.

Central Paving, LLC’s construction bid for the 2024 Street Maintenance Project was accepted for just under $142,000. The project is part of the Transportation Improvement Board’s (TIB) Small City Maintenance program, in which TIB originally provided $90,000 in grant funding, and the City contributed $10,000 through its street fund. 

The project will include crack sealing, pavement repair, and fog sealing. The City elected to expand the project to include fog sealing Front Street between US 2 and Division Street and adding streets not originally included in the grant proposal, thus exceeding the $100,000 amount.

Recently, TIB awarded an additional $23,000, which means the City will pay just over $28,000 for the project.

City Council also approved parking enforcement and security contracts with Pacific Security, entered an on-call transportation engineering contract with Ardurra Group, Inc., and an on-call utility engineering contract with RH2 Engineering, Inc.. Flood regulations amendments recommended by the Department of Ecology passed. The City also accepted the improvements and dedication agreed to in a 2023 Developer Extension Agreement for the Zelt Strasse stormwater infrastructure. 

The next City Council meeting will take place on May 28. 

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