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Leavenworth Pickleball's Oktoberfest Tournament


LEAVENWORTH – The Leavenworth Pickleball's Oktoberfest Tournament, a showcase of skill and sportsmanship, took place on Oct. 7 and 8 at the Cascade School District Tennis Courts. This two-day event unfolded on 12 well-maintained courts with portable pickleball nets.

The tournament offered participants and spectators an exciting experience. The event was divided into two days, with Saturday featuring Women's and Men's Doubles and Sunday highlighting the Mixed Doubles category. The competition was open to participants aged 18 and above, with skill levels ranging from 3.0 to 4.0. The format included round-robin play followed by playoffs, with matches played to 11 points and a requirement to win by 2 points.

Results from the Tournament:


Women's Doubles 3.0:

  • Gold: Lynne Faulkner (Wenatchee) & Jan Buckley (East Wenatchee)
  • Silver: Kim Johnson (Wenatchee) & Kristin Newberry (Wenatchee)
  • Bronze: Karla Gustafsson (Wenatchee) & Fran Smith (Wenatchee)

Women's Doubles 3.5:

  • Gold: Michelle Dorsh (West Richland) & Heather Lee (Kennewick)
  • Silver: Marit Jacobs (Spokane) & Kirsten Pinkney (Spokane)
  • Bronze: Jamie Voss (East Wenatchee & Celest Fink (East Wenatchee)

Men's Doubles 3.0:

  • Gold: Jeff Beaty (Spokane) & Kyle Grove (Hayden, ID)
  • Silver: Carlos Abarca (Spokane) & Paulo Viveros (SeaTac)
  • Bronze: Albin Eskew (Wenatchee) & Hunter Biwer (Wenatchee)

Men's Doubles 3.5:

  • Gold: Sean Johnson (Ellensburg) & Peter Schuetz (Kittitas)
  • Silver: Alex Kinnaird (Seattle) & Bryan Maloney (Leavenworth)
  • Bronze: Alexander Tran (Seattle) & Ryan McLaughlin (Seattle)


Mixed Doubles 3.0:

  • Gold: Carol Hurst (Leavenworth) & Travis McMaster (Leavenworth)
  • Silver: Jen Snow (Coeur D'Alene, ID) & Kyle Grove (Hayden, ID)
  • Bronze: Amy Summers (Leavenworth) & Kolby Summers (Leavenworth)

Mixed Doubles 3.5:

  • Gold: Cheryl Yoshimoto (Seattle, WA) & Daniel Chun (Snoqualmie, WA)
  • Silver: Deena Sprague (Spokane Valley) & Samuel Sprague (Wenatchee, WA)
  • Bronze: Paula Robinson (Leavenworth, WA) & David Stewart (Leavenworth, WA)

Mixed Doubles 4.0:

  • Gold: Stephanie Keegan (Edmonds) & Zachary Mangum (Edmonds)
  • Silver: Marjorie Amaya (Bend, OR) & Jerry Flake (Redmond, OR)
  • Bronze: Jamie Voss (East Wenatchee) & Lucas Merriel (East Wenatchee)

This event was made possible through the support of several generous sponsors. Leavenworth sponsors included The Local Event Rentals Co, Rhein Haus, Dog Haus Brewery, Enchantment Mobile Sauna, Munchen Haus, Leavenworth Pizza Company, Icicle Brewing Company, Huney Jun, and Arlberg Sports. Washington sponsors included Astria Pickleball and Stephanie Keegan Photography.



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