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Leavenworth's Autumn Leaf Festival to Bring Street Closures and Detours


LEAVENWORTH – The town of Leavenworth is gearing up for its annual Autumn Leaf Festival, set to take place on the weekend of September 23 and 24. As residents and visitors prepare for this beloved event, organizers have announced important information regarding street closures and detours that will be in effect to ensure a smooth and safe celebration.

The festival, known for its vibrant colors and lively atmosphere, will temporarily transform downtown Leavenworth into a hub of excitement. However, with the influx of attendees and the planned parade, some roadways will experience closures and detours on Saturday, September 23. Organizers advise all travelers to plan their routes accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

Two flagger-controlled detours will operate from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 23. It's important to note that these detours are exclusively for passenger vehicles. Semi-trucks and oversized vehicles are strictly prohibited from using them during the festival.

Westbound Highway 2 Closure and Detour:

Westbound Highway 2 will be closed just west of Chumstick Highway during the specified hours. Travelers may detour through town following this route:

  •   North on Chumstick Highway
  •   North on Fir Street
  •   West on Pine Street
  •   South on Ski Hill Drive
  •   West on West Street
  •   South on Mine/Mill Streets
  •   West on US 2

Eastbound Highway 2 Closure and Detour:

Eastbound Highway 2 will be closed just past Mill Street during the same timeframe. Travelers may detour through town following this route:

  • South on Icicle Road
  • East on East Leavenworth Road
  • East on US 2

Additionally, Front Street will experience closures during the parade, extending from the Dan’s Food Market parking lot, just west of 14th Street, to US 2 at Gustavs. This closure will be in effect until 2 p.m., after which Front Street will reopen from 14th Street to 10th Street. Front Street is currently closed to vehicular traffic from 10th Street to US 2 at Gustavs.

US 2 will remain open to 14th Street, allowing residents and visitors to access businesses on and around Commercial Street during the temporary closure.

For those attending the Autumn Leaf Festival, review the attached map to familiarize yourself with the parade route. All side streets throughout town will be barricaded during the parade from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Autumn Leaf Festival promises to be a weekend filled with fun, festivities, and the beauty of autumn in Leavenworth. By staying informed about the road closures and detours, attendees can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience as they celebrate this cherished community event.



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