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Leavenworth’s Finest Espresso lot to become temporary paid parking lot


LEAVENWORTH – The lot on which the permanently closed Leavenworth’s Finest Espresso was located will be converted into a temporary paid parking lot by the City of Leavenworth. 

“We are excited to provide this temporary pay-to-park lot and offer an additional 20+ parking stalls easily accessible from Highway 2 and close to Leavenworth’s downtown area,” said Communications and Special Projects Manager Kara Raftery, in an email to Ward Media.

The city will maintain the existing paved surface and fill potholes where necessary. The finished lot will have striped parking spots, signage, and a pay-to-park kiosk. A preliminary conceptual design included approximately 23 parking stalls. According to Raftery, the site improvements are expected to be “fairly straightforward and minimally disruptive.” 

“We do not have a projected timeline but are hoping to complete this project as quickly as feasible,” said Raftery.

The city is currently finalizing the layout design as Leavenworth’s Finest Espresso vacates the lot and removes structures related to the business.

While the incoming lot will be temporary for an undetermined amount of time, the city expects to conduct a feasibility study for a parking garage in its location by later this year or early next year.

“The long-term use envisioned for this property is additional parking,” said Raftery.

The city acquired the parcel of land the lot sits on in 2012, which also includes the surrounding Aasgard and Blewett parking lots. In the acquisition, it inherited a lease with Leavenworth's Finest Espresso. The lease was maintained until May of this year when the Washington Department of Revenue shut down the business, said Raftery. According to posted documents, the coffee stand was behind on rent to the city.

The lot is located along U.S. Highway 2, next to the Aasgard parking lot and across from the Leavenworth Park and Ride.

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