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Leavenworth's Own: Infuse Organics


I've always enjoyed wandering the backroads. It's where I typically find the most intriguing places and friendliest people. This May, while RVing as part of my Harvest Host membership, I found a gem tucked amongst the pines along the Chumstick Highway at mile marker five, located just outside the east entrance to Leavenworth.

Infuse Organics (, owned and operated by Ohio transplants Scott and Sarah Michels, is a wonderful location to park your RV for the night. Open to the public, whether visiting Leavenworth for the day or just starting your vacation's first night, you can't go wrong visiting this little bit of paradise.

 It's a must-stop and shop for all your sustainably grown organic products. This is where you'll find everything, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to nationally available house-made essential oils, soaps, shampoos, balms, and more. The products offered by Infuse Organics are grown and compounded on-site in a clean and well-maintained shop, so you will always know exactly where your organic products come from.

. . each of our ingredients is meticulously researched for beneficial properties and only the best make the cut. ALL the GOOD, none of the bad. Because you deserve the absolute best.”

Sarah, the main force behind the products, was a Chemistry major in college. After developing an allergy, she took her knowledge, researched, and developed a life-changing Balm Bar for herself and her family. At the encouragement of her father, Infuse Organics was born.

Once there, take the opportunity to wander over the creek and across the red bridge to the lush green fields. Ten acres are divided into three farmable acres, including raspberries, organic flower beds, vegetable gardens, and a small orchard bisected by the Burlington Northern Railway. The additional seven acres reach up the hillside in an uncultivated wilderness where Sarah and Scott perform wildcraft harvesting.

Infuse Organics takes to heart their farming practices by using a no-pesticide and non-tilling form of gardening to prevent the release of carbon into the environment. Instead, Scott and Sarah use cover crops and black tarps to compost the soil over the fall and snowy winter months. In the spring, they hand till the earth to maintain the microorganisms vital to organic gardening.  “As we grow and expand, it is our goal to become more and more sustainable. Our core values as human beings are to do everything in our power to keep our rivers clean, our land safe, and our air breathable

 Scott and Sarah are lovers of every outdoor adventure Leavenworth has to offer. At one point, they lived out of their car while traveling to various rock climbing and skiing venues. They chose Leavenworth as their home because it was "the only true U.S. mountain town" with its diverse cultural activities and outdoor environment where they would raise their three children and start an organic farm. Shop online or visit Sarah and Scott at their farm along the Chumstick or the Plain Valley Farmer's Market at Plain Hardware every Saturday from 9 to noon From June until October. Purchasing any of Infuse Organics' pleasing products will support a sustainable culture for you and your loved ones for generations to come.

RVers, check out a Harvest Host membership at and book your one-night stay at Infuse Organics. For those not local to Leavenworth, the Chumstick Highway is the eastern entrance that takes you into the rural township of Plain, Washington, another must-stop-and-see town with its amazing, lush valley filled with homesteads, ranches, and a great hardware store.

Deborah Swenson is an Award-Winning Author of Historical Fiction and Freelance Writer. She can be reached at or visit her website


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