Monday, March 4, 2024

Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is considering a proposal to allow a recreational spring bear hunt this year. This hunt has been held in previous years, but in late 2021 the Commission voted to cancel this year’s hunt, due to a lack of scientific justification for it.

But after a shakeup of the Commission’s composition, they are one again considering this extremely controversial hunt. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife refers to the spring bear hunt as a “long-standing recreational hunting opportunity.”

This hunt, held from April to June, targets malnourished bears leaving their dens after hibernation. Female bears have young, dependent cubs during this season. This unethical hunt would only provide “recreation” for a few hundred hunters – an incredibly small proportion of the Washington population, most of whom appreciate living wildlife.

The spring hunt of vulnerable bears is also redundant to the annually held fall bear hunt. This hunt is unnecessary and does not reflect Washington’s conservation values. Let the Commission know that you oppose the spring bear hunt by emailing by March 18, 2022. Thank you.

Peri Gallucci Chelan Humane Policy Volunteer Leader, Humane Society of the United States perigallucci@gmail. com or 509.630.9573 or

letter to the editor, peri gallucci


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