Monday, May 20, 2024

Letter to the Editor


 I own the Taffy Shop and made a donation to Brinkman’s campaign. I have an interest in what happens in town because my source of income sits where they are elected. I also have a 24-Year-old son that has a business. So, my concerns are real when it comes to tourism and how the city is being run, especially downtown. I do not agree with current leadership and the way things are being run. I have known the current mayor for 40 years and have witnessed quite a few things I do not feel were handled in the best way.  Leavenworth needs someone with experience, it’s that simple. Mr. Brinkman has that experience.

 I believe he can find a balance from plowing to housing.  I don’t want any more housing shoved in or we will be the next Paradise, California in my opinion. If a fire breaks out, we are stuck! Nobody has mentioned our safety once, just shove more homes in.  In 1994 the big fire was hard; I can’t even imagine what it would be like with another 1000 residents! A fire emergency will create chaos in Leavenworth, much more the any festival. So, I can agree with Becki on over housing even though she decided to use me as part of her platform. Cary Sanger as President of Projekt Bayern, yes, Projekt Bayern donated because we care about the Bavarian theme. It is questionable if the other 2 candidates do Simple facts: There is a board of directors, 9 total ! Challenge yourself to see who sits around my table. I, as president just run the meeting.  With that being said: a motion was made by a board member and second by another and voted on. You guys do realize I don’t get a vote unless there is a tie.

 Becki repeatedly said she hates Special interest Groups, (opinion) then identified Projekt Bayern as one. She is right about that; our special interest is the BAVARIAN THEME. Simple as that!

 Just look around town, PB built and remolded everything. Helped bring down the warehouse for more parking, painted Hospital to meet code and the one I love the most is the bathrooms in Lions Park. Plus, PB built aN event in and off month!  All with money made by supporting the theme and throwing a great event from 1998-2019. We all known how Carl feels about Projekt Bayern so why would we ever support him.  Three days into his leadership he told us he was elected to get rid of Projekt Bayern and Oktoberfest. So, when he says we wouldn’t work with him he’s right, he has already told us we were gone. Why fight a losing battle. He already had a plan. Then he sued us and wasted city tax dollars, all for what? As far as Becki, I just don’t believe she has the expertise to run our very active and emotional town.

And now the final… Projekt Bayern and Oktoberfest are NEVER COMING BACK to Leavenworth.

 It was hard at first as we all love our home, but we have found much more in Wenatchee. Professional people to work with and a great venue with infrastructure.

 Plus, between Leavenworth and Wenatchee we are helping the whole valley so that’s a win in my book.  Leavenworth is doing their local Brewers Oktoberfest and more family friendly; I wish them well as my business is in Leavenworth.  We will be doing our traditional Oktoberfest in Wenatchee with free admission this year.  Here’s to a great year for all the Valley!

 Cary Sanger, Tax paying Resident, Business Owner, and Projekt Bayern President



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