Thursday, July 25, 2024

Local ski resort faces lawsuit


       Local hotspot for snow sports, former owned by Stevens Pass Mountain Resort and now under new ownership with Vail Resorts, Stevens Pass Ski Area is facing a lawsuit.
    Davis Law Group, P.S. has filed a lawsuit against Stevens Pass Mountain Report after a February 2018 incident led to an unnamed person being injured due to failure to properly mark a hazard. Last February, a man was night skiing in the early evening and as he approached a chair lift area was hit by a thin rope strung across a ski pathway, according to a report. For those familiar with Stevens Pass Ski Area, the report stated that the location of the incident was on the Promenade run beneath the Kehr's Chair that was coming near the base.
    Allegedly there was failure to properly light the rope and path or warn skiers of the rope ahead. The injuries sustained were serious and required surgery and months of physical therapy according to the report.
    Due to the lack of visible or proper marking, the injured skier is filing a lawsuit against the well known Stevens Pass. According to Mischelle Davis from Davis Law Group, Vail Resorts corporation isn't transferred the liability, but rather the former owner's insurance company at the time of the accident would be responsible. The lawsuit was filed in October 2018, about 8 months after the incident.
    "I can confirm that at this time the new owners of Stevens Pass are not named in the suit," said Davis.


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