Friday, February 23, 2024

Osborn Property


The design and maintenance of the Osborn park property will be a financial responsibility on the City itself or perhaps a larger local area that has not been determined. In any case, city residents must be the only ones to determine the final design and development since they will live in closest proximity to it and be financially responsible for it over time.

Surely the city leaders realize this. So any public comment that is used to determine Osborn’s design must be vetted and limited to those who live within the City itself and pay taxes. Otherwise, folks from many other areas could give input and clamor for all kinds of expensive boondoggles that don’t reflect what we as a town want. What could possibly go wrong there?

Yet we would have to pay for these expensively-designed developments, extending into the future. Example: Seattle residents desiring a nearby inexpensive skating rink – you can easily fill in the blanks with other options!  


Ann Crosby



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