Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Patients, Perspectives, and Partners – Cascade Medical Looks for Members in Advisory Council


Cascade Medical have let our community known for years that they are “partners in your health.” Now, they are looking for community members to partner in a different way.

Cascade Medical is looking for volunteers to be part of their new Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

The purpose of the PFAC is to provide a voice representing all patients, and families of patients, who receive care at Cascade Medical. These folks will partner with staff to help improve quality of care for all who walk through Cascade Medical’s doors.

“As a public hospital district, we have a particularly special tie with our community, and I am thrilled we’re moving forward with the Patient and Family Advisory Council,” Cascade Medical CEO Diane Blake said. “This is one more way to hear directly from the people we serve to understand how we continue to hone our services and processes to best meet our patients’, their families’, and our communities’ needs. So much is changing in healthcare right now. The voice of PFAC will be essential to how we optimally adapt and move forward successfully.”

“Every person is unique, and so is each person’s experience receiving health care. We want to hear those perspectives and experiences, so we have the clearest view possible about what we’re doing great, and what our opportunities for improvement are,” said Director of Public Relations Clint Strand. Community Resource Coordinator Jade Wolfe added “Our community members shouldn’t feel like they need any special qualifications to be part of the PFAC – the fact they receive care, have a perspective about that, and are willing to listen to others’ perspectives are exactly we’re looking for.”

What makes a great Patient and Family Advisor? “We want folks who are equally comfortable sharing their story and listening to others’ experiences,” Strand said. “We are looking for perspectives as varied and passionate as the people we serve. We’re looking for people comfortable with their critical thinking skills, who can listen to and process others’ opinions, even if your personal experience is different. And finally, an ability to approach difficult conversations in a spirit of curiosity rather than judgement with an eye towards finding opportunities for improvement is essential.”

PFAC members will also have the opportunity to review or help create educational or informational materials, receive updates on Cascade Medical initiatives to improve care, and provide constructive feedback to CM leadership and providers on a number of topics.

If people are interested in learning more but concerned about the time commitment, they shouldn’t be. Strand said to expect meetings every other month, with each meeting lasting around an hour or so.

There are multiple ways to apply by the April 30 deadline. Folks who are interested can Google “Cascade Medical Patient and Family Advisor Application” and click on the first link they see or enter “cascademedical.org/form/patient-family-advisor-form” into their web browser. Once on the web page, they can fill out the form, and simply click “submit”. Those interested in requesting a paper form to apply and turn in, or those with further questions, may also email clints@cascademedical.org.

After the April 30 deadline, Cascade Medical will contact candidates for further interviews, with an eye towards convening the first PFAC meeting in Summer 2023. “We are so fortunate to serve such a passionate, informed, involved community,” Strand said. “It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to create a space for us all to listen to each other.”



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