Monday, March 4, 2024

Response to Route 22 changes for Peshastin


 [I am] Impressed that [Link Transit] tried to implement all the concerns of their customers and presented it well.  I understand the need to work with the traffic issue on Wenatchee Ave., but they failed to mention that the “traffic issue” has a lot to do with the Leavenworth traffic in the afternoon, especially on weekends and Festivals.  

Didn’t appreciate the gentleman who indicated that when he rode route 22 inbound that there were no customers picked up in Peshastin. Today when I caught my normal bus, there were 3 getting on the bus into Wenatchee and one waiting for the outgoing bus. Interestingly, there were no customers picked up in Cashmere, some could say this statement could apply for Cashmere as well.  I didn’t see him on the bus, so by his observation standards, he doesn’t ride the bus either.  All observations by the general public are a “picture in time”  and they do not see the customers throughout the day.  I live in Peshastin, I regularly see the bus stop and the customers waiting there.


The outgoing buses in the afternoon are on an interesting schedule which does not sync with regular office hours of 8:00 – 5:00 or 7:30 – 4:30.  There is an extended wait time for these customers.  I am able to adjust my working hours, my worry is that others may not, and have the extended wait time to go home. Believe me, even 15 minutes of additional wait time at the end of a workday is not appreciated.  The customer’s time is valuable as well.


My concern for the “On Call” buses is that some customers run out the door to the stop at the last minute, then realize it was in vain because they should have called at least 15 minutes prior to the non-scheduled stop. Some customers drive from Leavenworth when they missed their bus at their usual stop and pick it up in Peshastin. This is due to the bus leaving the Leavenworth Safeway Park and Ride earlier than scheduled to keep their “schedule” on time, making it uncertain if they are able to reach the bus in time.  This is an issue and should be addressed.


letter to the editor, Melissa Reuter, Peshastin, Link Transit


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