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Sheriff’s office celebrates exceptional staff, volunteer


WENATCHEE - The Chelan County Sheriff's Office recently recognized employees for outstanding service.

"Congratulations to all the winners of our region's recent award ceremony," Sheriff Mike Morrison said. "The dedication and contributions uplift our communities and inspire us all to strive for excellence."  

Deputy Andrew Tilton was awarded Deputy of the Year.

"Deputy Tilton was recognized by his immediate supervisors as one who continually works hard to achieve the mission of the Office through all aspects of his assigned duties and responsibilities," Morrison said. "His dedication to the team, outstanding work ethic, and produced results reflect great credit upon himself, his squad, and the Chelan County Sheriff's Office."

Jillian Simmons was awarded Support Staff of the Year for her work at the Sheriff's Office.

"Jillian represents the office in a positive light each and every day and excels in all of her assigned duties and responsibilities," Morrison said.

Vernon Nelson Jr. earned Volunteer of the Year for his work with the Chelan County Mountain Rescue.

"The Chelan County Sheriff's Office takes immense pride in announcing Vernon Nelson Jr. as the recipient of the prestigious Chelan County Sheriff's Office Volunteer of the Year award," Morrison said. "As the Sheriff of Chelan County, I have personally witnessed Vernon exemplifying the very essence of dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to saving lives in the most challenging terrains imaginable."

"In the rugged expanse of Chelan County, where the backcountry poses formidable challenges, Vernon has stood as a beacon of hope and resilience," he said. "While the Sheriff's Office bears the legal mandate of backcountry rescue, it's Vernon and his team of mountain rescuers who often navigate the most treacherous paths to answer the call of those in dire need. The Chelan County Sheriff's Office and the citizens served are deeply indebted to Vernon's unwavering commitment to the welfare of others."

Andrew Tilton, Cy Bowthorpe, Jeremy Mannin, Jose Hernandez received Life Saving Awards for their response to a dangerous situation.

 "These four individuals were vital to the safety and peaceful resolution of an inherently dangerous situation involving a combat veteran who had expressed suicidal ideations and consumed pills and alcohol, a dangerous mix," Morrison said. 

"The team arrived on scene and began to reach out and attempt to get the individual much-needed help through the use of de-escalation tactics and Jose's behavioral health expertise," he said. "Ultimately, they were able to detain the individual without incident, get him to the professionals who could help him, and ensured that night was not his last."

Deputies Tristen Jurgensen and Brian Bender received Life Saving Awards for their quick response in a case where a juvenile had severely cut their arm after breaking windows. The deputies used their first aid training to apply tourniquets and pressure to the wound to stop the intense bleeding until medical teams arrived on the scene.

Deputy Anders Wiggum received a Life Saving Award for his response to a collision involving major injuries. 

"Being the first on scene, he quickly began to assess the patients as best as he could and coordinating responses from multiple first responder agencies," Morrison said. "His actions and quick thinking were vital to the involved parties getting the care they needed when they needed it."

Meritorious Conduct award recipients were Sgt. Rob Huddleston, Deputy Carlos Rodriguez, Mike Battis with Ballard Ambulance, Campus Security Deputy Elgin Shaw, and Detective Brett Peterson.

The Award of Merit was awarded to Deputy Chris Eakle, Detective Cyrus Bowthorpe, Deputy Anders Wiggum, Sgt. Lee Risdon, Sgt. Brent Frank, Deputy Austin Key, Deputy James Peterson, Deputy Jerrod Biggar, Deputy Ian Sutton, Code Enforcement Deputy Zach Wenzel, Sgt. Brian Lewis, Deputy Carlos Rodriguez, Deputy Brad Norton, Behavioral Health Unit Courtney Beutler, and Hal Marshall. 

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