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Single-use utensils no longer automatically given after Jan. 1, 2022


Hospitality sectors all over Wash. State will stop automatically serving customers single-use utensils after Jan. 1, 2022.

This law is part of a series of changes published in SB 5022 on July 25, 2021. This law is centered on reducing waste and littering for the foreseeable future.

Single-use utensils that will be limited include straws, cold beverage cup lids (not including drive-thru beverages), forks, spoons, knives, and condiment packaging.

12th District Representative Keith Goehner (R) explains how this change is not a total ban on single-use utensils, and will still be provided upon customer request.

"It will obviously be more of a responsibility on the patron to make the requests for the utensils."

This change will focus on restaurants, food trucks, or any other commercial food venue. Hospitality sectors within healthcare or long-term medical facilities are not affected by this new change.

The next change will be enacted on June 1, 2023, prohibiting the selling and distributing of polystyrene void filling packaging products, or what is better known as packing peanuts.


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