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The Washington Outdoors Report 6/29/22

Local Shows Worth Watching


Did you know there are multiple fishing and hunting shows produced right here in Washington State?  It’s true and if you want to see shows about waters you are likely to fish and places you can hunt in the Evergreen State, these shows are definitely worth checking out.  Better still, I know all of these individuals and can assure you they really do know what they are doing when it comes to not only fishing and hunting, but telling good stories related to these pursuits.  Here’s a rundown for you:

The Northwest Outdoorsmen

 Leavenworth resident Richy Harrod is the host and producer of this long running television show focusing on do it yourself (DIY) fishing and hunting adventures in the Northwest.  The adventures typically take place on public lands and the participants are residents from the northwest, to include family members, as guests.  As Richy puts it, the show is about the, “Average sportsman doing it on his own”. 

 One nice segment that is part of every show involves cooking up the day’s catch or harvest and if you are into that you’ll also want to watch Richy’s other show, Harrod’s Cookhouse Field to Table. The Northwest Outdoorsmen airs on ROOT Sports and on WILD TV.  Both shows air on the NCW Life Channel. Additional ways to view these shows can be found at

Northwest Fishing Reports TV

Mike Carey, Rob Holman and his wife, Hillary and Hannah Pennebaker host and produce this weekly television show that airs on FOX affiliates throughout Washington State and Root Sports.  Each show normally features two different fishing or hunting trips around the greater Northwest.  Many times, these trips take place with guides or at resorts and lodges in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska.  The same crew that produces this show also publish the Northwest Reel Life magazine, available for free at stores around the state selling fishing licenses.  Find out more about the magazine and the show at

Anglers West

Justin Wolff owns a tackle shop in Woodland, Washington and is also the longtime host and producer of Angler West TV, featuring destination fishing trips around the Western United States.  Justin’s show usually follows anglers out for a day of fishing and covers not only the trip itself, but also shares tips and rigging advice to help you catch fish too. Anglers West TV can be seen on the CW channel out of Seattle and Portland as well as on the NCW Life channel in the Wenatchee Valley.  Air times and additional information can be found at

Fish Hunt Northwest

Duane Inglin, the former co-host of Northwest Wild Country on AM 950 KJR, is the founder of this streaming show that takes a deep dive not only into fishing and hunting around the Pacific Northwest, but also techniques to help you be successful too. Assisted by co-host Tommy Donlin and his wife Sheri Inglin, Duane covers the politics of fishing and hunting in Washington and Oregon better than anyone else.  This show also features a bait lab emphasizing rigging for a particular fishing technique as well as a cooking segment to help you enjoy your wild fish and game meal.  Fish Hunt Northwest streams live every Thursday from 6 to 7:30 PM on their Facebook page and YouTube Channel and features an interactive chat feature so you can sound off as well while the show is airing.   The show will also be airing in a 30-minute format on a cable network in August.  Find out more at

Fishing with Ladin

If you enjoy fly fishing with a little comedy on the side, Fishing with Ladin is a program you’ll enjoy. Starring Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt, their show originally started airing years ago on KLEW out of Lewiston, Idaho.  Today, the show is available for purchase on Amazon Video, on Fishing TV or for free on YouTube.  This is also a destination show, where Ladin and Steve will travel to a river, lake or pond in the Northwest or Rocky Mountain West and shoot video of their day on the water catching and releasing trout. 

One fun fact about this show concerns Steve Ronholt.  The two of us were roommates at Eastern Washington University and attended the same (Redmond) High School.  We enjoyed fishing together in college and had some memorable trips, but neither one of us imagined we would become hosts of fishing and hunting shows in the future!

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            •           Richy Harrod, host of The Northwest Outdoorsmen – Courtesy Richy Harrod

            •           Duane Inglin, host of Fish Hunt Northwest - Courtesy Duane Inglin

            •           Mike Carey and Rob Holman with Northwest Fishing Reports TV – Courtesy Mike Carey

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