Friday, May 24, 2024



While a full version of The Whistle comes out every two weeks, this Wednesday I am

making a short “whistle stop" to respond to comments and questions generated by our

debut column.

First, I believe it’s important to clear up a misconception. I am, indeed, in favor of

affordable housing. You can find my statements in the public record a number of times

on this topic. Here is an excerpt sent to the mayor and council on July 26, 2022:

“We have always agreed about needing affordable housing. However, how we get there

makes all the difference in the world. I have yet to hear a single concise thread about

how that will be accomplished. At the same time, I’ve heard members of the council

lament that they don’t know what to say to constituents who don’t get the density model

being laid out by you all at the city - and how it connects to affordable housing… The

affordable housing issue is complex, difficult and your solution is not clearly articulated

or prepared. I remain unconvinced the actions you are taking are doing anything other

than creating significantly tighter density and dwellings for the privileged - many of

whom live out of town or live here sporadically."


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