Thank You for Your Support!

The Cascade Medical Foundation Hosted Jive Time in the Cascades in October, a new and successful event that drew nearly 120 attendees and helped raise more than $8,000. Shari Campbell, photo

The headline of this article says it all. Yet it doesn’t say enough.
Over the last year, the Cascade Medical Foundation has raised nearly $90,000. It’s not the fundraising that’s most important –  even though we couldn’t have completed our work without those funds.  
But what’s most important is how our community has rallied together, written checks, donated goods and services, hosted events, all in the name of supporting Cascade Medical Foundation and our benefactor, Cascade Medical.
Thanks to you, we purchased:
    •    21 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), to replace and augment the AEDs already in our community. These small devices, complete with audio instruction, are easy for anyone to use and can help save the life of a person experiencing a heart attack or cardiac event.
    •    Three Electric Mountain Bikes, which help our EMS providers more quickly reach and stabilize injured hikers on the trails surrounding us. The bikes can also be utilized when the downtown core is crowded, and ambulance entry isn’t ideal.
    •    Two Holter heart monitors, for remotely monitoring a patient’s heart and helping physicians diagnose potential heart problems.
    •    One Stryker LifePak Monitor/Defibrillator. This sturdy, portable unit monitors vital heart and other functions, and its Wi-Fi capabilities send information to hospitals to better prepare for the next phase of care.
On the eve of Thanksgiving, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many businesses and organizations who supported our work.
We’re thankful to the restaurants from Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth to Coles Corner – and a winery in Plain – for hosting Benevolent Nights, where proceeds from diners (and winers!) were donated back to the Foundation. That added up to more than $20,000.
We’re thankful to the many golf tournament sponsors and the more than 100 golfers who helped us raise over $40,000. Together, you were more generous than ever, spending freely to support our outstanding local hospital.
We’re thankful to the 24 businesses and 90+ participants in our Charm Walk. We spotted friends and families around town, excitedly picking up charms, supporting the businesses who support us and, all in all, having a great time along the way.
We’re thankful to the dozen businesses who proudly hung Think Pink signs in their shop windows during National Breast Cancer Month in October and raised awareness and funds to support FREE mammograms at Cascade Medical. While some businesses made a donation to this worthwhile cause, others created special products and donated proceeds from the purchases of those products to the Foundation.
We’re thankful for the partnership with The Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, whose outstanding staff and beautiful facilities played host to our first Jive Time in the Cascades big band concert. We were a tad nervous about this first-time event, but judging by the nearly 120 people who attended, danced, and swung to the sounds of the Wenatchee Big Band, a second concert is now a must. Jive Time also raised more than $8,000 – and brought our community together in a magical way.
We’re thankful to The Echo, for generously sharing the pages of their local publication and helping us share news about our events and work.
We’re thankful to Cascade Medical, an outstanding rural hospital with even more outstanding leadership, doctors and caregivers. Nearly everybody you talk to around here has “a story” about how Cascade Medical has helped a loved one, friend or neighbor.
Renowned poet Maya Angelou famously once said, “I’ve learned people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” And the people at Cascade Medical genuinely work to provide high-quality care and to make sure every patient feels respected.
And, finally, we’re thankful to announce a new fundraising campaign for 2023! We’ve set an ambitious goal to raise funds for a Cardiac Rehab Program. This campaign will cover the cost of much-needed equipment, training, education and program certification for Cascade Medical. Importantly, it will allow upper valley residents who’ve suffered a heart attack, had open heart surgery, valve replacement or repair and other related heart problems to get their care close to home. You’ll hear more about this effort in the new year – and we hope we can count on you once again to support this important project.
So, goodbye (almost) to 2022. And to you, the residents of Plain, Leavenworth, Cole’s Corner and all the areas served by Cascade Medical, we hope your holidays are filled with joy, happiness, and the gift of good health.  And for that, we’re thankful!


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