Sunday, July 14, 2024

Letter to the Editor


In the upcoming Leavenworth mayoral election, we have three local candidates: Incumbent Mayor Carl Florea, Rich Brinkman past city administrator, and Becki Subido.

 Brinkman and Florea have experience running the city and many Leavenworth residents are unhappy with how Mayor Florea and the city council are performing their duties.  The proposed shady land swap deal with Tom Lin for Gary's (Spencer’s) old Car wash & Quick Lube involving Lions Club park and the swimming pool will become an issue. That issue should be voted on in an upcoming election. There is also the issue of underground oil contamination at the intersection of Chumstick & highway 2.  One of the most important issues is that it seems that the mayor and city council are not listening to the residents and seem to be favoring developers over city residents' concerns. We want to keep Leavenworth's quaint village charm for its residents, not the developers. No more high-density housing development ! There are serious ingress and egress issues regarding going in and out of town in case of an emergency.

  It seems that we have a little political " dirty tricks "operation going on by " someone "against Becki Subido . "Someone(s) has been stealing Becki's political signs and going around town lying to prospective voters that Becki is an extremist. Becki Subido is the opposite of an extremist. If you want to know the real truth about Becki Subido for mayor, then go to her website and learn the truth. Stealing political signs is illegal, childish, shows a lack of respect for the law, the other candidates and weakness and fear. Do the right thing and leave the signs alone if they don't belong to you.  

  One of the things that Becki did was serve as a Seattle police officer, Air Force intelligence and as a career in administration, she has a very impressive record. Becki has too much class to get down in the political mud and sling it. Are Florea and Brinkman  scared that they might get beat by a more qualified woman ? When I ran for political office, we agreed that we would not publicly badmouth other candidates, just stick to what you will do if elected.

Becki Subido is the best qualified candidate for a mayor that will prioritize the needs, wants and desires of Leavenworth residents, over those of the developers. We need another good woman as mayor of Leavenworth mayor again.  Vote for Becki Subido for Leavenworth mayor.

  Bill Cowles, Peshastin



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