Thursday, May 23, 2024

NCW Libraries launches 2024-2026 strategic direction


WENATCHEE - In celebration of National Library Week, the NCW Libraries Board of Trustees has announced their 2024 – 2026 Strategic Directions.

Through these directions, the Board celebrates the many ways NCW Libraries staff deftly evolved library services to meet changing community needs over the past several years. With an eye toward the future, NCW Libraries will continue to prioritize community needs and customer service. The district is also focusing on strengthening organizational health and stewarding the community’s investment in the library.

2024-2026 Strategic Directions

  1. Meet Critical Community Needs
    1. Cultivate local and regional partnerships and connections.
    2. Provide relevant services, programs, and resources.
    3. Increase awareness and use of library services.
  2. Enhance Customer Experience
    1. Foster an environment where everyone feels welcome.
    2. Reimagine and strategically update our spaces.
    3. Consistently meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.
  3. Strengthen Organizational Health
    1. Build a strong and positive organizational culture.
    2. Celebrate and invest in the success of our employees.
    3. Collectively commit to a growth mindset.
  4. Maximize the Community’s Investment
    1. Regularly evaluate our community impact.
    2. Pursue opportunities for innovation and improvement.
    3. Make data driven financial decisions.

“The communities of North Central Washington recognize NCW Libraries as a trusted source of information, dynamic programs, and valuable resources,” says 2024 Board Chair Kathleen Allstot. “Our Strategic Directions over the next three years will build upon that reputation as we work to strengthen our organization, build greater partnerships, and identify new ways to meet the most critical community needs.”

These directions will serve as guideposts for the Board and staff as we work together to build the foundation needed to ensure a sustainable, resilient, and community focused future for library services in NCW.

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